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Competitive Dance:


  • Turn master award at Starquest Dance Competition

  • Super Stage presence award at Revolution Talent Competition 

  • Broadway Dance Center classes winner and IM tap dance convention in Spain winner at Revolution Talent Competition


  • teacher's assistant for high school technique classes

  • performed at community events

  • taught 2-4 year old dance classes

  • 1st overall at International Dance Challenge

  • 1st overall at Rainbow Dance Competition 

  • Miss teen dancer of the year at Rainbow Dance Competition

  • 1st overall at Platinum Dance Competition, regionals and nationals (highest scoring solo out of 263 entries)


  • 1st overall at Starbound Nationals Dance Competition

  • Streetz Dance Convention Scholarship winner


  • 1st overall at Legacy Dance Championships

  • 1st overall at Thunderstruck Dance Competition

  • Taptastic sounds award at Revolution Talent Competition

Drill Team Dance:


  • Lieutenant Colonel 


  • Choreographed solos and duets for contests 

  • Junior Lieutenant 

  • 1st overall American Dance Drill Team Contest 

  • 1st overall Showtime Dance Contest 

  • 1st overall two times for self-choreographed duet 


  • 1st overall Miss Drill Team Texas Dance Contest 

  • Most outstanding technique award

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